Piece by Piece

I could never hate you

But I also can’t love you

You were there when I needed a shoulder to lean on

And now we are playing chess with a bunch of pawns.

Each pawn is smart and moves in baby steps

But queens move fast with…


When you fall to pieces and life is crumbling down

When whatever you think turns your face to a frown

When you’re sitting there thinking, what the hell did I do

But you’re sitting there realizing this shouldn’t be new

Life has some interesting ways of speaking it’s mind


Tune into nature with the an open heart

How can something so small be so beautiful?

Is it common or a new start?

All I know is it like a musical

The wind sweeps the grass with a fragile touch

But when looking back, it looks all changed


Distant Shadows

In the distance, the shadows whisper

Despite the reality that thoughts are becoming crisper

The flames in the distance begin to diminish

All we have left to do, is finish

There is darkness in the night

But somehow, I can see your glowing silhouette in the light


Teacher of the seasons

A teacher who’s like spring, will nurture their new seeds

Check for understanding, and care to their needs

A teacher who’s like summer, will be able to relax

No worrying about their students, knowing all the facts

A teacher is like Fall, will have methods crisp and clear,

Lessons of bright colors, and a happy atmosphere.

A teacher who like winter, will be able to see their students stride

Thanks to them for always being there as a helpful guide

A teacher who presents these qualities is reading this poem now

You’re a teacher of the seasons, so all I have to say is wow

In The Now

There is darkness during the days, and sadness throughout the night

And all the signs of happiness are suddenly out of sight

What used to be known as children happily at play

Is now a protected plea for everyone to go somewhere and stay

In these weird…

The Three Sinful Words

There is something to be said for every word that comes out of every person’s mouth. Whether it is simply to answer a question, an acknowledgement that someone exists, or a completely different route. The trouble though, then comes to how the party on the receiving…

Some people say happiness will find you

But it is fact that sadness will too

It sneaks up on you in the darkness

Just as you think you’ve made it through

It opens holes in the solid ground

The kind you never know were apparent

Until you go to take…

Memories are a part life’s special moments

Borrowed from the passing of time.

Ghosts from the past from bygone days,

Etched, and stored inside our mind.

Our minds are a memory album

Where the past and present meet,

Moments that we lovingly cling to

And some that make your heart skip a beat.

Some we would like to forget.

And others we love to treasure.

Some memories become precious gifts

That live in our hearts forever and ever.

Memories stand to be precious moments,

Some that might just have odds and ends,

But our memories are like a time capsule

And those moments help us grow in the end

Mia Blackwell

Just a average college kid who likes to write in her free time. Some entries might be more personal than others. Procrastination can make good stories!😜😜

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